Friday, 27 March 2009

Biking tours, caving, mudbaths and light shows in Yangsuo - China

We woke early to beging a cycling tour of the region. Our local guide Rose took us on a breathtaking tour of the local mountains, farms, rice paddies and rivers of Yangshuo. I'm starting to run out of adjectives to describe this place but it is probably the most naturally stunning place i've ever been to in the world. The tour was great fun and one of the highlights of the day. You can see by this shot how much fun i'm having.

After lunch at a local farmers house we took a bus to some local water caves, which consists of a 2 mile network of mountain caves inside the limestone casts. Stalegtite and stalegmite everywhere, it was beautiful and interesting but the highlight of the experience was a natural mudbath which we all revelled in for about an hour. Aparently its full of minerals and good for the skin and wellbeing, it was also enormous fun we rolled around in it and took a mudslide into it and then washed outselves off by jumping into a nearby cave pool.

The evenings entertainment was another of the seemingly endless wonderdous experiences i've had on this trip so far. Its the famous Yangshuo lightshow which is basically a vast open air theater set into the mountains overlooking a lake. The lake is the stage and the show consists of over 700, yes.... 700 cast members as they sing, dance and put on an incredible light display involving fire, backlit mountains and hundreds and hundreds of illuminated costumes and boats. I actually had a lump in my throat as I was watching it, the sheer beauty and spectacle of it all was unforgetable. The show was choreographed by the same guy who did the opening ceremony of the bejing olympics. I have many photos, none of which did it justuce, but it was something i'll never forget.

Later today we start the next part of the tour, a 2 day river cruise to the 3 Gorges Dam... will update the blog when I can.


  1. Mate, it's Jay. I'm so happy for you that you're living the dream, YOUR dream that we've spoken about many a time over a swift pint in from the 'Ship' to the Red Herring.
    Mate, Kata and I are following your trip with interest. Great post. Great detail - and when you're back you should publish your stories. The language and descriptions are 2nd to none. Mate love every moment of it. We’re all proud of your bravery and we're all behind you in support and if you ever need any help/advice/support in any fashion, you've an army of friends here in London who will jump at a chance to help a good guy out.

    All the best, keep posting and 'Don't Go Changing'.
    Jason & Kata

  2. What a lovely comment.. thanks a million guys!